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The Golden Gate Guitar Story

Golden Gate Guitar Services is a one-person operation run by me, Jeremy Korkki. I am a life-long guitarist and have been immersed in the SF Bay Area music scene since 2004. Growing up in Flagstaff, AZ, I spent a lot of time in my father’s guitar shop where he specialized in vintage repairs, and he would also frequently bring work home with him, so I spent a lot of my childhood around him observing, asking questions and being able to get some hands-on experience from an early age. With his help and guidance, to date I have designed and built 4 very different custom guitars. He still works out of his home shop, and is an is an invaluable resource if I run into problems.

My experience as a guitarist includes over 30 years playing, 20+ years performing on stage, 10+ combined years touring and countless studio sessions, always kind of just working as my own tech. It wasn’t until COVID - lockdowns, job loss, no touring - that I found the opportunity to invest time and money into a career change and turned to luthiery with a much more serious, focused and business-minded approach. In late 2020 I was hired by a local vintage guitar shop, Real Guitars, and worked full-time as their sole repair tech from Jan 2021-Apr 2023.

In 2023, after over 2 years and more than 1,000 invoices, I decided to branch off and focus more on custom work (paint/finishing, heavy modifications) and building projects (including amps and electronics), opting for a production facility environment rather than sharing a retail space, and so GGGS was born.


Every guitar is different. Every player is different. The mission at Golden Gate Guitar is to service an instrument in order for it to best accommodate the needs of the player, with attention to detail and a quick turnaround time being paramount. My one-person operation ensures that you are always in direct contact with your tech, so no detail is overlooked, and you’ll never be told that “the tech isn’t here today, call back next week.” In the world of guitar repair, repeat business is our bread and butter, so my goal is to be the only tech you trust with your guitars for years to come!

The Shop: Golden Gate Guitar Services, June 2023.

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