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Electric Acoustic Professional Guitar Set-up


This is the majority of work done in any shop. In my years on tour and in the studio as a professional guitarist I have run into every imaginable problem there is, so I have a preventative approach to a setup; looking for any  potential issues and remedies from a player's perspective, because nothing is more stressful than finding out you have an issue moments before you have to get on stage or hit record.

A standard setup on a hardtail electric or acoustic guitar will generally take me a little over an hour and will include adjusting truss rod/action/intonation, *minor* fretwork, cleaning nut slots and ensuring they’re at correct height & width, deep cleaning/conditioning (for open grain) fretboard, polishing frets, tightening hardware, lubricating moving parts, cleaning electronics, adjusting pickups, clean and polish, restring, and identifying deeper problems and recommending proper solutions.


Headstock breaks, soundboard cracks, broken parts, busted electronics, separating glue joints, etc… When it comes down to it, pretty much any damage to a guitar is repairable, it’s just a matter of how much time you want to put into it. So whatever your mechanical, electrical or superficial damage may be, chances are we can repair it! Let’s talk!

Broken headstock break repair structural damage touch-up bridge binding crack

Very clean Gibson Les Paul headstock break made for a very clean and relatively inexpensive repair with little touch-up needed, 2021.


Frets are ultimately a consumable component that will not last forever. Inconsistencies like sprouting, slight neck humps/warping, fret wear, etc. are all expected issues that can very likely present themselves throughout the life of your guitar and potentially cause you problems. All fretwork still done by hand here at GGGS, no Plek, sorry. I have a lot of experience with many different kinds of fret jobs, from filing down sharp edges to full refrets on a vintage ebony board w/binding and everything in between. Fretwork done by hand is the pride and joy of the shop.

View of new frets on a Jeff Tweedy Martin, post-install but pre-leveling, 2023. Correct fret install = less leveling = less material removed = longer fret life and also makes my life easier!

Fret crowning file files dressing

I use many different files to crown frets, but I almost always finish with a 3-corner file and "free-hand" technique that gets the crowned tops razor thin with a consistent width.


Electronics mods and pickup swaps, modifying or retrofitting for new parts & hardware, and pretty much anything else you can think of from there! If it makes sense to do then it can be done!

I consider myself a purist in many ways, and will look to all other options before removing material or hacking up a guitar. But if we need to rout a new cavity, add some inlay or drill for new controls, well then we’ll do it!

Pickup installation modification custom work customization

L.R. Baggs Anthem piezo/microphone/preamp system installed in a Martin D-35 50th Anniversary reissue, 2021.

Amplifier Service

Basic amp service such as troubleshooting, filter capacitor replacement and biasing available. I know amplifier repair is difficult to find in the area, so if I can’t help you I can sure help to point you in the right direction!

Finish Work

Touch-ups, scratch removal/buffing, color matching, maple necks/fretboards, refinishes, custom finishes in opaque, trans, burst, metallic, candy coat, etc.

Bare maple neck, stained vintage amber and finished with thin high-gloss 2K polyurethane, 2023. 

Custom finish work trans translucent white burst

Jeremy Korkki Custom Build in Trans-White Burst, 2020.

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